Age level:

This technique is very fun for every age, still the autumn theme is more relevant with younger students aged 4—9.

Main Learning objective:

The purpose of this lesson is the discovery of the expressionist abstract painter Jackson Pollock and his dripping technique.

It is an occasion to explain to your pupils the difference between abstract art (which were Jackon’s Pollock paintings) and the figurative art which we will be doing since we will be painting autumn trees.


Big papers to work in group or smaller ones for individual work.

Black thick markers

Diluted paint in autumn leaves colors

Small recipients

Tree Branches: straight black lines

Start by drawing straight lines with black thick markers. Make sure kids draw small, big, thick and thin branches all over the paper.

Color the big ones all in black. This will make your trees contrasting.

Next put the paint in small recipients pupils will tilt over the trees and drip the paint.

Let your pupils move over the paper with wide arm moves. Drip every bit of paint to form small drops. Don’t recover all the trees, let some white space to leave the work still contrasting.

Have Fun